UNRESTRAINED is a yearly gathering of women under the Ministry of Ruth Seal. The heart of this service is deeply vested in the healing and saving power of Jesus Christ. As per the leading of the Holy Spirit,the verse that embodies the totality of this service is from the book of John 15:4 – Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me.



The service is aimed at bringing together youth and young adult women in the community into an environment where they will be at liberty to give God UnRestrained Worship, UnRestrained Praise and UnRestrained Prayer.


We desire to see the total healing and liberation of young women within our community. Any young woman that walks through the doors into an UnRestrained service must experience the life altering presence of God. We seek to educate young women in the ways and precepts of God because “for lack of knowledge, my people perish” and so with understanding comes better attitude to the things of God.

Service Layout

Praise and Worship

This part typically runs for an hour where we set the atmosphere with UnRestrained Praise and Worship. There are various praise and worship ministers who lead us before
the throne room of God.

Panel Discussion

There are testimonies such as “I had been praying to God for an answer and it answered during the discussion” that typically precede this part of the service. Young women have questions that rarely get answered, and these women are sometimes left to figure things out on their own. With the panel discussion, we are at liberty to ask questions ranging from relationships to faith to a group of seasoned women in our age group or above our age group. We delve into issues that conflict youth and young
adult women today in hopes that someone will leave with clear understanding and direction on what to do.

The Press

The service is crowned with a teaching about praise, worship, the presence of God, the glory of God or any topic that is brought to our hearts during prayer. The teaching is acted upon right after by allowing the Holy spirit to fully demonstrate what it means when He is in the room. When we teach about praise and worship, we expect to enter into a new realm of praise and worship. When we teach about glory, we expect a new dimension of glory. When we teach about His presence, we expect to be completely immersed in His presence. “Faith without works is dead” and so everything we bring to the attention of the young women gathered, we agree in faith together that God must demonstrate!

UnRestrained is here to bring the hearts of women back to God and it is our desire that the charge and vision that God has placed in our hearts concerning the souls and lives of young women will not waiver. We pray that God gets all the glory at the end of it all.