The GPS said “Rerouting. In a quarter mile, make a U-turn”.

It was dark and foggy and the needle of my gas meter was slowly pointing to Empty. Why is this GPS rerouting? I don’t know my way…where is it taking me to?

Fortunately, I was able to get gas. I got back in my car and continued driving as the GPS led. “In a quarter mile, your destination will be on the left”

“Finally!”, I thought.

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3 Myths Of Worship

Hey Worship Leader! Here are 3 myths of worship (leading) As you read, the word “worship” could mean different things in context. I use it to mean a life of worship or to mean a song of worship or the art of leading worship. All in all, here are 3 myths of worship debunked; Read more



A couple of weeks ago, I switched from an animal based diet to a more plant based one. It was a life change that had been peaking through the windows of my stomach for some time now but I never quite let it in till I met Joanne on a recent ministry trip to Ohio.

Let’s just say God brings the right people your way when you really need them.

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Where is My Breakthrough?

If you have been waiting endlessly for a breakthrough to manifest, go on your knees!

If you have been on your knees endlessly, pray again!

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