Why I Left Social Media

Some months ago, I deactivated all my social media accounts and here is why.

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Am I ready for a RELATIONSHIP?!

I posted a video a while back that touched on the idea that Christian men cannot have girlfriends. If you have not seen this video, watch it here.
Interestingly, the video brought up issues, concerns and different perspectives that I had not really thought of (Thank you). There were also some genuine questions regarding the world of relationships especially from a Christian viewpoint. I am going to try to answer those questions as best as I can, but bear in mind that this topic is very broad and cannot be tackled in one post.  Nonetheless, here we go…

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We all get hurt, betrayed, stabbed in the back and then we cry our eyes out wondering how people could be so evil(even though they really aren’t). After people do hurt us as many times as we think they do, we just decide to build this gigantic wall over our hearts and emotions expecting that this wall will mysteriously shield us from the cruel world that we have come to know.
Well guess what? At some point, that wall comes tumbling down just like in that "halo" song and we are stuck right where we begun. So what then can be done? Do we just become a punching bag that can be toyed with whenever anyone pleases? Hmm I certainly hope not, but being a little wiser never hurt anyone.

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Self Confidence

Oscar Wilde put it best when he said “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”

At the end of the day, we are all just slices of pizza trying to make it out of the oven without burns. Seriously! Every pizza slice starts out as dough, tomato sauce and cheese. What complicates pizza or makes it better (depending on your perspective) is all the extra toppings that are thrown into the mix. Why should I have pineapples on my pizza? I do not want pineapples on my pizza. I’m an extra cheese and sausage kind of girl. That’s it. Don’t complicate it. However, someone else really lives for pizza with pineapple and strawberry toppings.

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The GPS said “Rerouting. In a quarter mile, make a U-turn”.

It was dark and foggy and the needle of my gas meter was slowly pointing to Empty. Why is this GPS rerouting? I don’t know my way…where is it taking me to?

Fortunately, I was able to get gas. I got back in my car and continued driving as the GPS led. “In a quarter mile, your destination will be on the left”

“Finally!”, I thought.

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26 Lessons

Welp! I have been around the sun for 26 years guys! 26 YEARS. It's been a fun ride filled with many many emotions and experiences. Here are 26 things I have learned in 26 years

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This Chapter Is Officially Closed

So what had happened was…

I met a guy.  Before I met this guy, I already disliked him. When I met him, I was absolutely sure he was the most annoying man on the face of the earth because my preconceived notion of him was that he was vain, misogynistic and just not the kind of guy for me.

Guess what?

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No More fear

What is it about fear anyway? Why is it so crippling and why do we give into its demands?

A lot of us have big dreams and ambitions and actually believe that God is powerful enough to provide us with everything we need to accomplish our dreams. This belief in God leads to the multi-million dollar Read more

3 Myths Of Worship

Hey Worship Leader! Here are 3 myths of worship (leading) As you read, the word “worship” could mean different things in context. I use it to mean a life of worship or to mean a song of worship or the art of leading worship. All in all, here are 3 myths of worship debunked; Read more