If I had a dollar for every time I told God “I don’t think this is for me”, I will probably be wealthier than Bill Gates. By “this”, I mean what He has called me to do. I have always loved God and I am convinced that I always will but in the same vein, I had to wrestle with myself a lot to get to the point of complete surrender to His plan and His purpose. And the minute I surrendered, my life completely changed.

Hi! My name is Ruth Seal, a complete Jesus freak who is daring enough to stand on the mountain top and scream out His name for the world to hear. If I had to introduce myself to you, it will be that everything I am and hope to be is enveloped in the person of Jesus Christ. At the core of why I do what I do is a desire to see everyone living a life of freedom and salvation according to God’s will; freedom to worship, freedom to dream louder, freedom to pursue purpose and freedom to love.

Today, I spend my days teaching the word of God and leading God’s children in worship. I believe that every time we call upon the name of the Lord, His ear is never too far to hear us and so in ministering unto God, I go before Him with the expectation of a tangible manifestation of His presence.


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