Some months ago, I deactivated all my social media accounts and here is why.

I had become consumed with social media. It took a lot of courage for me to finally accept that statement, but that is the whole truth. Between reaching for my phone the moment I woke up to the aimless scrolling down my feed, it was glaringly obvious that something needed to change.

The moment it completely hit me though, was on this particular Sunday at church. I was preparing to capture a Kodak moment when my phone told me I had no space. So, in order to take this picture, I had to delete something off my phone to get more space.

I looked at all the apps remaining on my phone and had a choice to make. Which app was I going to delete? My bible App. I deleted my bible App

There it was guys! The moment of a surreal awakening where the essence of my entire Christian life flashed before my eyes. Sure, you might think it’s just an app and not that big of a deal, but, to me it was a telling of just how consumed with social media I had become.

So, I left!

I was only supposed to be gone for a few weeks or months but it ended up being longer than I anticipated. I guess a life outside of social media can be just as engaging haha

Anyway, here are 2 things I learned or noticed on my time away.

  • Validation from social media should not define you.It is a very human thing to want to feel seen or appreciated. We love the likes, the attention and all of what social media brings. It becomes unhealthy, however when that attention becomes our driving force – “Do it for the gram”. We place ourselves in a position where our worth or importance stems from the opinion of others. It used to be that in order to get this opinion, we will have to ask for it or speak to someone about it, but in this new social media world, opinions are given on a constant basis whether asked for or not.Don’t get me wrong, I love social media for the fact that it connects us to people. I have a community of friends from social media that I love and do not take for granted. Friends that I will otherwise not know if not for social media.

    This is not an “I hate social media” post but the point is that any good thing can become unhealthy if used excessively.

  • Social Media will test your heart.

Yes Yes Yes! It will test your heart (So, this may be a good thing.) Scrolling through social media can bring up all kinds of feelings – joy, laughter, sadness, discontentment, heartbreak, jealousy, self-pity and the list goes on and on. And sometimes, we may not even realize the effect it may be having because it all happens so quickly and all once but check your heart as you engage on social media. Listen to what your heart is saying or feeling. Be sincere about it and know when you need to pull back. If the emotions you get from social media lean more to the negative side, just plug out and start over. You will be glad you did.

On that note, my church is having a social media “BLACKOUT” from January 12th – January 18th. This is essentially a social media fast for a week where we log out of all accounts and reconnect to something greater –GOD.

Consider joining us. It will be fun!!

In what ways has social media affected you? Comment your thoughts below

Love you all

Stay connected

Xx Ruth