We all get hurt, betrayed, stabbed in the back and then we cry our eyes out wondering how people could be so evil(even though they really aren’t). After people do hurt us as many times as we think they do, we just decide to build this gigantic wall over our hearts and emotions expecting that this wall will mysteriously shield us from the cruel world that we have come to know.
Well guess what? At some point, that wall comes tumbling down just like in that “halo” song and we are stuck right where we begun. So what then can be done? Do we just become a punching bag that can be toyed with whenever anyone pleases? Hmm I certainly hope not, but being a little wiser never hurt anyone.

so here we go;

  • Listen – In relationships, friendships etc, people talk about their likes and dislikes. They talk about their thought processes, their dreams, hopes and aspirations. At some point, our friend or loved one will do something that THEY love and this thing may be against our wishes, but rather than being extremely self absorbed in our own heads, we can choose to be happy for them. Remembering the times they spoke about taking that journey and rooting them on as they conquer that phase in their life will make us realize that the situation may not be hurtful at all. Maybe, just maybe, we are being  a little selfish.
  • You are not Jesus – Jesus is great by the way, but you and I are not Jesus. We are trying to be like Jesus and until we become Jesus, we are not Jesus. We are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves, and truthfully this will be a lot easier if everybody was like us (I’m joking).
    On a more serious note though, let’s take for example that a person that’s constantly spreading rumors about you gets hit by a car, you will most likely send this person some flowers or visit them at the hospital with well wishes.
    That’s the thing! We are natural lovers because God is the ultimate love and He is inside of us. And usually, loving is how we get hurt the most. The reason I say we are not Jesus is because although Jesus was surrounded by people that we will find to be of ill character, he loved with knowledge and understanding. He knew exactly who these people were inside and out. Peter and Judas, two of Jesus’ disciples were around him always yet they betrayed Jesus.
    The difference between Jesus and us is that Jesus however,  KNEW from the onset that this betrayal will take place whereas we wouldn’t know if someone around us will even pay for dinner tomorrow. AND this brings me to the most eye opening but simple conclusion. You only get hurt when you love who you do not know.
    Love your neighbor as yourself? You know yourself pretty well don’t you? But do you know your neighbor just as well to love your neighbor as you love yourself? I do not think so.
    No, I am not asking you to hate. I am asking you to open your eyes and be wise. Out of your heart will flow streams of water but what happens when you do not have enough water to give? Not all of us have discernment and even if you do have discernment, not all is revealed so how do you handle it. Simple. 
  • Believe – There is an old saying that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Someone comes our way who is known to be thief or a complete player yet we get deeply hurt when we are stolen from or played….where is the glory in that? Understand that when you meet someone, however the person is to you is how you are to know them. And no, this does not mean that you build walls because that just makes you cranky and completely inhuman.  It means that you now have the upper hand. You now have control of the outcome of the situation because the truth of who the person is is right before your eyes. This is as good as discernment can get. So go ahead and show this person love but now you love with wisdom. Jesus loves you as you are not who He expects you to be, so why should you love someone as who they are not?

I’m not saying that these will protect you from ever getting hurt because emotions are real after all. I’m just saying, if you are going to get hurt…may it be with a little bit of wisdom. 

Love you guys!. If this helped you, yay! If it did not help you at all, that’s alright too. Thanks for reading 🙂

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XX Ruth