If you have been waiting endlessly for a breakthrough to manifest, go on your knees!

If you have been on your knees endlessly, pray again!

If you have prayed endlessly, give up?

Well, if that hasn’t become the theme song of our lives in recent times, then I don’t know what has. It is one thing to trust God, and it’s another thing to trust God in and through the fire. Sure, if the hand of God appears to be in everything we do so much so that we merely have to breathe a prayer into existence, I am not sure the idea of waiting on the Lord will be a topic of discussion.

Waiting for God is truly sometimes just that!  A. Really. Long. Wait. Days turn into nights and nights turn into weeks and the weeks go by as fast as summer disappears into fall.  There’s still no sign of breakthrough from an all sovereign God.

God, where are you? Am I not praying enough? Are my sins blocking me from actually receiving my breakthrough? And my personal favorite, “After all these years of faithfully serving you, is this my reward?”

Here’s the TRUTH : God has a plan – a plan that always exceeds our expectations. So, on the other end of faithfully trusting Him is the greatest joy

Here’s another TRUTH: If you have the same personality type as me, sometimes waiting is not fun.

So here’s what we do, we go back to the beginning – the beginning of my post.

If you have been waiting endlessly for a breakthrough to manifest, go on your knees!

If you have been on your knees endlessly, pray again!

If you have prayed endlessly, give up?

No! You don’t give up. You go on this never ending cycle of pray, trust, repeat. Pray, trust, repeat. Until one day, the miracle is in your hand. This cycle became easier after God directed me to a passage in scripture; Exodus 17:5-6.

In this passage, the children of Israel had just left the wilderness of sin and were now camping in Rephidim. Bear in mind that they were still on their journey to the promise land after their great exodus from Egypt. They started to cry out for water because obviously, walking days on end in dessert lands and wilderness will make anyone thirsty. They brought their request to Moses – the mediator between God and them- who got quite upset with their request because it wasn’t so much about the fact that they were thirsty, but it was how they asked for a drink.

Moses took their request to God and The Lord answered Moses, “Go out in front of the people. Take with you some of the elders of Israel and take in your hand the staff with which you struck the Nile, and go. I will stand there before you by the rock at Horeb. Strike the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink.” So Moses did this in the sight of the elders of Israel. (Exodus 17:5-6).

Before I proceed, isn’t it so great that we do not need a mediator to go to God anymore? That Jesus Christ tore the veil giving us the greatest access to the throne room. Can we just pause right there? Aaah Yes!! Thank you JESUS!


The passage from Exodus is quite parallel to another passage in scripture – Numbers 20:7-9. In this passage, we see the children of Israel crying out for water and Moses taking their request to God. God releases a word, Moses reacts, and water is supplied. The only difference between these two passages is the reaction of Moses.


The prerequisite for anything to happen in our lives is in our ability to hear what God is saying concerning that particular thing. In other words, we can pray for days but without God’s direction, praying may appear futile.

Hearing God is almost like a compass that directs our prayer and vision, so rather than praying our desires into existence, we pray His desires for us into existence. Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.(Psalm 37:4). If a man is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things pass away and all things become new. When you are in Christ, what you used to desire changes. The things that you easily fall prey to no longer pull on you. As you remain in Him, and He in you (delight), He gives you the desires of your heart – He positions your heart to what is desirable and what is not. When we are synchronized with God’s will for us, we invite a level of faith that allows us to pray His will into existence.(Romans 10:17)

From the passage in scripture, we can learn a few things about God’s provision.

  • Action – When we go to pray, are we asking God to send a word? Are we asking to hear His voice? Are we asking for God’s heart concerning our request or do we just jump right to the meal? When we look at the model of prayer that Jesus taught;

    “Our father, who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done one earth as it is in Heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread”,
    God’s will came before the bread.

    The danger with not hearing God is in the possibility that we may be praying without faith, and praying without faith is just mumbling a sequence of words that will yield no return.

    I’m not sure if anyone has stepped out on the bond of God’s word before; to be absolutely sure of the amazing turnaround even when your present situation points to the exact opposite of His word. Yet, there is always a pep in your step, a bounce in your skip because God! “God told me” “I heard from God” “God assured me”. That’s what praying after hearing God feels like! Asking to hear God is a prayer in and of itself but it’s a prayer that releases your faith to pray harder concerning the bread and meat of your life. So ask for His word before you ask for the bread.

  • Reaction –When God gave Moses a word, Moses acted upon it. He took his rod and hit the rock and there was water. Don’t sit on God’s word or God’s direction. Our breakthrough is always on the other side of obedience. When God says move, move! However, God will sometimes stretch our faith for a greater reward that we may not know about. I mentioned earlier that there are two passages with similar occurrences but a different reaction from Moses.(Exodus 17 vs Numbers 20)

In the first passage, the Lord asked Moses to hit the rock to release water and in the second passage, the lord asked Moses to speak to the rock.  Moses acting in his own will decided to hit the rock again just as he did the first time around. Even though, water still came out of the rock and the children of Israel had their water needs met, God was still very angry at Moses and forbade him from entering the Promised Land.

Different seasons call for a different word. A different word calls for different faith. We must be very careful to not recycle a word God gave us years ago and force that word to work in this current season. It may appear that our lives may be in line with God’s will because there’s “water” but imagine all that we are missing out from the “promised land”. God’s mercy extends and He will give us enough grace to weather through so many storms that even when we may be working things out in our will, he gives us “water” to sustain us.

 Don’t confuse the “water” for the “promised land”.


Ultimately, God will give us what we want if we pray and desire for it long enough because as any father, He gets no pleasure from seeing us suffer. But what we want and what He wants for us are on two different levels.


Your greatest pleasure is in what He wants for you. Your greatest breakthrough is in the manifestation of what His will for your life is.


So next time you go to pray, ask Him what He wants for you and be content with His answer. His answer may not be what you want to hear but His answer is what brings lasting fulfillment. There are many dimensions to prayer, but the common denominator between them is the faith you have and the God you have faith in. So I am not saying pray this way or do not pray at all. I am saying, asking what God desires to do with your life and what His word and direction is before any step you take is a faith booster! It changes and shifts your whole prayer paradigm.

Before you cry “oh God, why me? When shall I?” you should cry out “God Release A word That Will Change My Situation. Send a word in Jesus name!”