A couple of weeks ago, I switched from an animal based diet to a more plant based one. It was a life change that had been peaking through the windows of my stomach for some time now but I never quite let it in till I met Joanne on a recent ministry trip to Ohio.

Let’s just say God brings the right people your way when you really need them.

Joanne was really knowledgeable and was not particularly trying to push a vegan agenda. She was merely letting me into her everyday life and choices as a Vegan. I had my doubts, but the day after I got home, I made my very first “vegan” grocery run filling my cart with Quinoa, beans, vegetables, fruits, ALMOND MILK(Ugh!!!!)  And other colorful leafy stuff. My grocery bill was only $50. $50!! Whoa?? That made me extremely happy because I always assumed eating healthy meant dipping deeper into the pockets.

That $50 grocery lasted a good week. Shall we say LIT! ….Lit

So there began my journey into plant based diets, substituting starches for grains and idle downtime for endless research on plant based protein. Guys, I think I have fallen and can’t get up. Ruth is in love.

The Part Where This Ties Into God.

I noticed that with my life changes came body and system changes.  My body was reacting very differently and was digesting food so much better in just a week. I thought it would have taken at least a couple of weeks to notice any differences being that I have a back log of wrong food choices in my system. I would have imagined some kind of reshuffling or maybe a gradual transition into the “feel good” world but this was pretty instantaneous. And what’s more, if I keep this up, I might lose some weight (Praise The Living God). Weight is not the point though. It is about feeling good…ahem.

The thing is, everything about us is parallel to the nature and likeness of God.

He created us as He is. 

I couldn’t help but linger on the most astounding thought that what veganism does for my body is what God does for our spirits daily. Because of how His spirit operates in our lives, He created our body to mirror similar functioning.

The very moment I changed my habits to a healthier one, my body followed suit. My body immediately reacted to the changes and I was already experiencing benefits. The very moment you make a decision to accept Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and personal Savior, you change! It is an immediate exchange of your old self for His spirit; an immediate change that’s a response to our acceptance and belief in Him.

We say “God I need you and I want you in my life. I believe your son Jesus was sent to die for me”, then He quickly works the greatest miracle of salvation.

When His Holy spirit dwells in you, He makes you want to do better and you start to gradually lose “cravings” for all the junk you used to enjoy. You feel different. You walk differently. You talk differently.

All this change happens because of a decision.

I’ve only been vegan for 2 weeks but I have been a born again Christian for 13 years.  As much as I have enjoyed letting you into my vegan world, this post isn’t really about veganism in case you didn’t notice.

It is about a life filled with pleasures far greater than your wildest dreams can ever afford you – A life with Jesus.  A life experienced with a man who loves you so much that He not only died for you, but rose up from the grave on the third day. His resurrection gave us life and gave us the power to overcome whatever situation is put before us.

Jesus is calling and His arms are open wider than the expanse of the ocean. Enter in. Jump in to His arms.

Accept Jesus today

Let’s go Vegan! p.s I really love almond milk now 🙂


Scripture References

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